Equipment Room Cleaning Demonstration at Manchester Telephone Exchange

One of our loyal customers, BT asked us to provide a demonstration
of new machines that would be suitable for equipment room cleaning
at their site in Manchester.  Their main requirement
was the cleaning of the raised floors inside the exchange which are typically
tiled with Vinyl tiles and have cables running underneath.

A3 Machines strive to recommend the best machines for your
business needs, therefore saving you time and costs of hiring machines to try.  We find that on-site demonstrations are the
best way to survey the target environment and gather information that would
help us decide the best machine for the situation and machine operatives.

Demonstrating Micro Scrubber Dryers at a Telephone Exchange

It was clear that space inside the equipment room would
be tight and that smaller Micro Scrubber Dryers that offer performance and
increased manoeuvrability would be most the suitable. 

For the demonstration we decided to take along three different machines; a Duplex 340 Mains Scrubber Dryer, a Motor Scrubber MS2000 and a battery powered AS380B from Viper Cleaning.  All the machines we demonstrated were brand new.

The equipment room cleaning demonstration went well, and they were
pleased with the performance of all the machines and could see the advantage of
each one.  So much so they decided the
best solution would be to purchase all three machines.  We are able to provide cleaning machines on
short-term and long-term hire, lease purchase and of course outright purchase
which was the preferred method on this occasion.

As the machines were
brand new, they came with twelve months parts and labour warranty. At A3
Machines we also provide servicing and repairs to cleaning equipment so if BT
have any issues one of our engineers, will be on hand to resolve them very

The Duplex 340 Mains Powered Micro Scrubber Dryer

The Duplex 340 Floor and Carpet Cleaning Machine is the perfect choice for cleaning countless floor types. These include carpets, tiles, wood, vinyl, safety flooring, non-slip flooring, entrance matting, Polysafe, Timbersafe, Marley, Flotex, Altro, Tarkett and many more.

Duplex 340 Mains Powered Micro Scrubber Dryer
The Duplex 240 Scrubber Dryer

With a cleaning width
of 340 mm (13″), the Duplex 340 Standard Floor Cleaning Machine cleans, scrubs
and picks up dirty water and grime leaving floors clean and dry in a very short
space of time.

The Duplex 340’s twin
contra-rotating brushes are offset to one side and the machine cleans in both
directions by means of the bi-directional handle. This allows ‘right to the
edge’ cleaning, alongside walls and into corners, alongside skirtings, under
furniture and around fixtures.

Width / Height /
340 / 240 / 430 mm
Cleaning Width 280mm
Coverage 180 sq. m per hour
Brush Speed 650-750 rpm
Clean Solution Tank
2.8 ltr
Recovery Tank
2.8 ltr
Sound level 60dB
Weight Empty 22kg
Motor Power 1000 watts
Cable Length 10m

The Motor Scrubber MS2000 Cleaning Machine

The compact two-part design of the Motor Scrubber MS2000 makes it the ideal machine for
cleaning in tight or unusual spaces.  The
battery is housed in a lightweight backpack which keeps the scrubbing brush
unit light, easy to handle and allows the operator to literally go anywhere and
scrub anything.

Motor Scrubber MS2000
Motor Scrubber MS2000

The machine can be used on walls and floors making it very
useful for cleaning skirting and along wall edges where other machines would
struggle to make an impact.

Run Time 4 Hours
Charging Time 8 Hours
Scrubbing Width 18 Cm
Performance 120 M² / Hour
Brush Rpm 360
Machine Weight 1.5 Kg
Back Pack Weight 2.5 Kg

The Viper AS380B Micro Scrubber Dryer

Viper Cleaning are known for their floor scrubber dryers and
the AS380/15 is the smallest machine in their range yet equally effective.  Its compact walk-behind attractive design is simple
to operate and yet is fully equipped and ready to use.

Viper AS380B Micro Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS380B Micro Scrubber Dryer

With this compact micro scrubber/dryer, you can efficiently
clean the floors in narrow areas. Foldable handles on the side of the machine
make it easy to transport and store. The adjustable operating handle takes the
ergonomic needs of the user into consideration. Furthermore, the AS380/15 is
easy to service and maintain.

Technical specifications AS380/15 B AS380/15 C
Solution tank (litres) 15 15
Recovery tank (litres) 15 15
Scrubbing width (cm) 38 38
Brush/pad diameter (cm) 38 38
Squeegee width (cm) 49 49
Coverage rate (m2/hour) 750 750
Voltage 24 220-240
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 65 69
Speed control (rpm) 150 140
Brush motor (Watts) 250 250
Vacuum motor 2 stages (Watts) 250 250
Cable length (m) N/A 15
Onboard charger Yes N/A
Battery type 2 x 12V, 35Ah/20h N/A
Operation weight (kg) 60 40
Gross weight (kg) 65 44
Length x Width x Height (cm) 78 x 41.5 x 59 78 x 41.5 x 59

Cleaning Machine Demonstration at Manchester Equipment Room

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