Comac C100 Hire for Distribution Warehouse in Middlewich

distribution centre for a very popular supermarket, that we have been in
business with for a few years, contacted us through email for more information
on hiring a cleaning machine for use in their warehouses.

They were looking
for a refurbished Ride on Scrubber Dryer for use in their large distribution
warehouse in Middlewich.  These buildings
are very large with wide spaces between the high products stacks to allow for
the picking of product pallets to send to supermarkets.  Having specified machines for this sort of
environment before we had a good idea what to expect however without a site
visit you can’t be entirely sure, so we arranged to pay them a visit.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine Demonstrating

We attended
the distribution centre in Middlewich, to conduct a site survey to ascertain
which machines would be most suitable for the extensive on-site warehouse.  We knew it was a large facility so a ride-on
machine was the obvious choice, however we needed to know more about the
distance between the stacks which would constrain manoeuvrability. With our
extensive knowledge and expertise, we decided to recommend a Comac C100 Hire machine
which we had available in a gas-powered model.

After deciding that a Comac C100 hire would be the best option, we arranged for a demonstration at their premises to be carried out so that the chosen machine operatives and managers were able to see the machine in action. The customers were impressed with our selection and decided to hire the machine there and then.  Our sales office quickly organised the paperwork and the machine is now in operation at the facility on a long-term hire arrangement.

COMAC C100 Gas Powered Ride on Scrubber-Dryer
COMAC C100 Gas Powered Ride on Scrubber-Dryer

A few weeks later,
they contacted us again for a quote for hiring additional machines to work
alongside the Comac C100 hire machine, including an additional Battery Powered
Scrubber Dryer, Sweeper and Pressure Washer. We are currently in the process of
arranging suitable machines for their requirements.

Comac C100 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The C100 is a robust ride-on scrubbing machine with an
innovative design that allows for that enhances the user experience resulting
in optimised operation times and reduced costs. 

The driving position has been influenced by the automotive
industry resulting in a safe yet convenient and comfortable position that
offers full visibility. The C100 is available in a scrubbing version with 2
disc brushes resulting in 100 cm’s of working width.

Performance 6.000 sq.m./hour  
86,111 sq.ft./hour
Working Width 100cm’s   39.3 inches
No. of brushes (diameter Ø) 2 (51cm 20 inches)
Width with Squeegee 130.5 cm’s  51.3
Solution tank capacity 240 litres  63.4
Noise level 70 dB (A)

Comac 100 Hire to Supermarket Distribution Warehouse Floor Cleaning

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